Third Sunday in Advent

Lets Spread Christian Joy


All of us here today believe in Jesus Christ and his unhesitating love for us, the source of true, lasting joy, and yet, often the troubles of life seem to fill our hearts with discouragement and sadness. When that happens, we need to turn back to Christ in prayer, to let him remind us that he is with us, guiding us, and loving us. Often he permits struggles in our life precisely so that we will come closer to him, never giving in to the temptation to base our joy on something temporary and fragile. What about those around us who don’t have a faith to turn back to? Some of them have never heard the Gospel, they think Christmas is about parties with big punch bowls and presents with big credit card debts. Others used to have faith, but they left it aside. For them, Advent and Christmas are bittersweet seasons surrounded by so many signs of joy, when they look into their hearts they don’t find any reason for joy, because they don’t know Christ. God wants to do for them what he has already done for us; and he wants us to help him. In the ten days we have before Christmas, let’s commit ourselves to doing two things. First, let’s take enough time for personal prayer so that we stir up our own Christian joy, the devil wants to keep us so busy that we can’t do that; let’s outsmart him, and second, let’s reach out to someone who needs to discover the only source of lasting joy, a deep, personal friendship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If we make an effort, putting our little bit of bread onto the altar; God will work a miracle, just as he is about to do in the sacrifice of this holy Mass.


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