Resolve Conflicts

Today God is giving us a chance to look calmly at our own lives, to see if maybe some divisions, rivalries, or jealousies have made their way into our hearts or our community, as they had begun to seep into the community of Christians at Corinth. This Bible passage that we have been reflecting on really is meant for us. When we read the Bible, especially during Mass, it is not like reading any old book of philosophy or history. The Bible is the living Word of God. It is inspired by God, who knows each of us through and through and always has something to say to us. It is almost like a sacrament, transmitting God’s own truth, presence, and grace. There is nothing the Devil would like more than for us to ignore it, but there is nothing that will please God more than if we really listen to his Word, really take to heart whatever he has stirred up in our souls this morning, and let it change our lives, none of us is perfect. Every day we all need to lift our eyes to Christ, our wisdom and our righteousness or our sanctification and our redemption, to be encouraged and purified by His love for us, and to live lives worthy of that love. Today, let’s thank Him for his gifts, and let’s promise that this week we will be peacemakers, resolving any conflicts or rivalries in our lives that may be displeasing to Him. If we promise to do our part, we can be sure that he will give us the strength to follow through with that promise.
God’s Blessing,
Deacon Mark Ruiz


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