First and Last

We all want to get in on the ground floor. We want to be the first to respond so that we can be first to receive the benefits of our fruitful associations. The latecomers cannot be the first—get to the back of the line! That’s only fair. The world outside the kingdom of heaven works on these principles. In the world you try to get in early and get more than all the others. Sure, you might be willing to share the wealth, but you plan to keep the lion’s share for yourself. This is not kingdom living. This is not the way we should live our lives in the church. Jesus delights in the late arrivals just as much as he delights in any long-time decision to follow him. The newly minted disciple who makes a decision to follow Jesus today is just as important to the Lord as the disciple who has followed him from childhood. You and I are probably among the “first” and not the “last” if we are praying with Lectio Divina. We need to learn how to be comfortable and rejoice with the “last,” the ones who come late to the dance, and rejoice with Heaven when any one of the lost (or last) sheep has been found and brought home with rejoicing!



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