Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

This ministry is the center of the Church’s life. The celebration of the Eucharist at Mass is the most important expression of our belief in eternal life.  As faithful believers we look forward to receiving Holy Communion.

An Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist assists the priest and deacon with the distribution of Holy Communion during the Mass. Within the church community, their service displays an abundant love of the Eucharist, by bringing the sacred presence of Christ to those who are sick and homebound.

To perform this ministry, the extraordinary minister must be a baptized Catholic in good standing with the Church.  The minister will be a person of faith, who believes in God, follows Christ, and trusts in the Holy Spirit.  Through prayer and training, God’s call to serve the Church, will be enhanced.

Contact: Diane Wilford  sewfancydmw@gmail.com