Past Events (Page 2)

Palm Sunday

7:45 am-Blessing of the Palm outside the church, 8am Holy Mass 9:45 am- Blessing of the Palm, Meet at  St. Joseph Statue with Procession to the church, 10am Holly Mass 12:15 pm- Spanish Blessing of the Palm at the St. Joseph Statue (Bendición de palmas en la es tatua de San José) with Procession to the…

Sunday, December 24th Schedule

Sunday, December 24th Masses: Fourth Sunday in Advent 8:00AM 10:00AM 12:30 PM (Spanish) 4:00 PM (Foresthill) Sunday, December 24th Christmas Vigil Masses: 4:30PM- Children’s/Teen’s Vigil Mass (Carols @4:00pm) 11:00PM- Vigil Mass(Carols @10:30pm)