Audio Sermons by Deacon Mark Ruiz

5/22/2016 First Communion

05/08/2016  Being a True Witness

4/17/2016 Tuned into His voice


3/27/2016 Easter Homily

3/13/2016 Please, one more chance

2/14/2016 Where are we looking for fulfillment?


1/31/16 Total Commitment

1/17/2016  God wants us to enjoy the good things in life

1/3/16 The star of conscience

12/20/2015 Are you ready?


11/22/2015 Following Christ’s footsteps

11/8/2015 God wants generous hearts

08/29/2015 Jesus wants our hearts

08/16/2015  Christ is our center

8/1/2015 Fulfillment comes from more than just making a living; it comes from making a life.