Altar Society

We are composed of three small groups of volunteers.  The first group consists of people who meet each Wednesday after the 8:30 AM Mass to vacuum, dust, clean windows and holy water fonts, pick up and empty trash and straighten the books in the pews.  We also have one person who comes 5 or 6 mornings each week to sweep the brick sidewalk, water the plants in the area by the side door.  Currently 5 people participate in this group.

The second group comes in every day and straightens the books, picks up trash, refills the candles, cleans the holy water fonts and windows.  They also set up for Adoration every Thursday and take care of live flowers as needed and put the bulletins out each week.  There are 3 people in this group.

The third group takes care of the décor of the sanctuary.  This task is done as needed according to the church calendar;  Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent and Easter.  This group has 4 people doing the work.

Contact: Phyllis Whitney

Alter Society